How to use the idibu SMS service

In order to use the SMS service from inside your idibu account, you'll need to have available  idibu credit.

The SMS service allows you to send messages from inside idibu, individually or in bulk. This saves you from using your mobile, meaning you can avoid messages popping up on your radar out of hours. It also means that all messages to and from the candidate are automatically recorded in the notes on their record.

What's my number?

The SMS service uses a number allocated to your idibu account. As with any mobile number, unless the candidate has this programmed into their phone they won't recognise the number when you first send them a message. Therefore, the first time you message a candidate, it's always important to make sure you are clear in terms of who you are and where you are from - just as you would when messaging for the first time from your mobile.

Sending SMS messages

There are a number of ways you can send an SMS from inside idibu.  You can send a message to a specific candidate or to several candidates at once.

In this article we'll walk through:

  • Sending an SMS to a candidate from their record
  • Sending an SMS to one or more candidates allocated to a vacancy
  • Sending an SMS to selected candidates from your wider talent bank
  • Sending an SMS to a specific Talent Pool
  • Sending an SMS using the Candidate Engagement Suite

Sending an SMS to a candidate from their record

1. Open the candidate profile page.

2. Click the SMS icon next to their mobile number

3. Type your message.

4. Click 'send'.

5. Your message will be recorded in the candidate notes, along with any reply they send through to you. 

How do I know when a candidate has replied to my SMS message?

Sending an SMS to one or more candidates allocated to a vacancy

One of the times you are most likely to want to send an SMS is when you are working on a vacancy and progressing candidates through the status/stages you have set up in the ATS. In this situation it's really handy to be able to send a quick message to an individual or to several candidates at once. 

1. From the candidates page of your vacancy with the ATS mode switched on, you can see all your candidates grouped together by status/stage. To send an SMS message to all the candidates in a specific status, click the SMS icon to the right of the status header in the main page. 

2. The SMS pop up will appear, listing all the candidate numbers. Type your message and click 'Send'.

Sending an SMS to selected candidates from your wider talent bank

Sometimes of course want to message a selection of candidates outside of working within a vacancy. You might want to check their current situation or give them a heads up on a pending opportunity that might arise, as a couple of very simple examples. The beauty of the idibu system is that you have a number of ways in which you can segment and filter your candidates.

There are two primary functions in this area - Filter candidates and Filter by tag. Take a look at the linked articles for more information regarding the options available here. You can use these methods separately or in combination with each other. 

You can also select individuals from the main page ad hoc by hovering over them and then clicking on the tick in the circle that appears on the left.

This can also be done from within the results of the candidate filtering options described above, for even more targeted messaging.

Whatever method or combination you use, when you are happy with your results scroll to the top of the page and click the SMS icon in the top right...

...then type and send your message as normal.

Sending an SMS to a specific Talent Pool

Part and parcel of the ability to filter and segment candidates, is being able to allocate them to a particular Talent Pool. Naturally, you can easily send an SMS to the candidates within any of your Talent Pools.

1. Click the Candidates tab

2. If the tab is filtered to only show candidates allocated to a particular vacancy then click 'Change view' near the top right of the screen, and select 'Show all candidate' from the top of the drop down list.

3. Click 'View talent pools' and click on the pool you require from the list.

4. Click the SMS icon in the top right of the page, then write and send your message.

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