The main tabs

We are strong believers in keeping technology simple and easy to use. 

For that reason, you'll find there are just four main tabs inside your idibu account:


This is where all your vacancies are listed, whether their status is Active, Archived, or Placed. 

You can toggle between the three using the 'view status' option, but you can also filter by a number of other criteria including custom vacancy tags. You can also create new vacancies with one click by hitting the '+' button in the bottom left corner.


This is where you will find our Ad Manager tool, which allows you to easily manage all of your advertising and reposting in one place.


Unsurprisingly, this is where you can access all of your candidates. You can view and filter all of your candidates here, or you can view them filtered to a specific vacancy.


This is the tab that powers the boolean and radial searching of your entire talent bank. It runs automatically in the background when you add a new vacancy, so you can go directly to relevant candidates but you can launch more detailed searches from your vacancy too. 

Similar to the candidates tab, when launched from the vacancy the search tab opens in vacancy mode, and all your searches and edits are recorded against that vacancy.

In summary

So these four simple tabs form the core of the system, and we've interlinked them so that they open intuitively. 

Behind them, we offer a range of powerful sourcing and engagement tools which are easy to use, whether via our standalone product or from within your CRM. 

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