Using the quick history button to navigate around

We've all been there - you're working away on a task when suddenly something comes up and you need to look elsewhere in the system. Maybe a candidate returns your call and you need to jump to their details and the vacancy you contacted them about. Maybe you need answer a few client or internal questions on where things are up to with sourcing for a particular requirement.

Whatever the situation, a common draw back with most cloud based software is you find yourself clicking the back button on your browser to the extent that you risk wearing out your mouse. 

So when we designed idibu, this was something we wanted to address. 

The quick history button

Our answer was the quick history button that lives in the top right hand corner of your screen:

This little button is invaluable when it comes to working quickly and efficiently. 

It records every page you've recently visited inside the system so with a couple of clicks you can go back 5, 10 or even 20 or more steps. Simply click on the blue text for the page you want.

How is this different from the timeline?

The quick history button lists the pages you've visited while working inside your account. The timeline records only the activity that has been happening across the account - so candidates added, notes added, emails sent, vacancies added and status changes as a few examples.

You can access the Timeline by clicking the blue button in the right hand corner of the history drop down.

Many of the activities listed have a blue link button which will take you directly to the record in question:

Both features combine to give you fast and smooth navigation right across your idibu account.

TIP: Want to see a quick history of your candidate actions? You'll find the same icon next to their name. Click it from any page in their record and you'll get a pop-up detailing a quick overview of what's been happening with them. You can find out more about this feature in this article.

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