Candidate quick history button

The notes tab inside every candidate record is where you can log any details of conversations you've had, as well as automatically recording emails and SMS messages to and from the candidate.

Although you can use tags to filter this data, it's also useful to be able to gain a quick overview of what's been happening from anywhere in their record; for example, with candidates who are new to you that perhaps your colleagues know a little better.

For this reason, we created a candidate quick history button

Using the candidate quick history button

The button is easy to spot as it's the same icon as the idibu quick history button you use to quickly navigate back to different areas you were working in.

No matter what tab you are in on the candidate record, you'll always find it to the right of their name:

Click the icon and a pop-up appears with a log of every action and activity performed with the candidate, by you or any of your colleagues.

Any text in blue is an active link. So for example, in the screen grab below, clicking the 'Manger test' link would take you through to that vacancy:

It's fast, efficient and invaluable when working at the pace the recruitment market demands.

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