What's maildrop and when should I use it?

Whether you are using our integrated email tool or not, sometimes you might want an email you are sending to a candidate from outside idibu to be recorded against their notes.

Maildrop is a simple tool that allows you to do this. It works by allocating a unique email address to every user. Because each address is unique, it means you can also see who has added the email to the candidate notes.

Where do I find my maildrop address?

1. Go to 'Settings' then click 'Your profile and maildrop info' from the dropdown list.

2. Scroll to the bottom and you will find your unique maildrop address (you will also find your CV drop address here).

How do I use my maildrop address?

1. When sending an email:

Simply BCC the maildrop address into your email when sending. If the candidate is logged on your idibu account, then the email will record agains their notes. 

TIP: If the candidate does not exist inside your idibu account then the note will still be recorded, but will very limited detail on the record. You can always find this record by using the quick search box to type in the candidate's email address.

2. After an email has been sent:

Forgot to BCC maildrop when you sent your email? Not a problem. Simply find the email in your sent items then forward this to your maildrop address.

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