Removing tags from a candidate record only

How to remove a tag from a candidate record (without deleting it from idibu)

1. If you just want to remove a tag from your candidate without deleting the tag completely from the system, then open the candidate record in question

2. Every tag added has a large X which is permanently displayed on the right hand side of the tag. Simply click this X on the tag you wish to remove.

Please note that this action will just remove the tag from the candidate record. 

A word of warning: If you accidentally click elsewhere on the tag and have permission to delete tags completely, then the tag will open up and look something like this:

If this happens, please be aware that clicking the small x in the circle will initiate the process to completely delete the tag from your idibu account. This cannot be reversed.

To avoid this, simply click the 'tick' and the tag will return to normal

If in fact you do wish to completely delete the tag, then take a look at the article below:

Want to completely delete a candidate tag from your idibu account?

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