Completely deleting candidate tags

With great power comes great responsibility...

Not to over-emphasise the point, but this certainly applies to deleting tags from your idibu account. Please read these instructions very carefully and ensure you absolutely wish to delete the tag completely.

NB - being able to completely delete tags will depend on your user permission settings.

How to completely delete a candidate tag

1. If you need to completely remove a tag from idibu, open the tag by clicking inside the text, then click the small 'x' inside the circle. 

2. A pop up box will appear with the following warning:

NB -  As per the message, once this has been done it really cannot be reversed!

So, if in any doubt, double check that it is definitely ok to completely remove the tag.

If you are removing a tag because it is a duplicate or close match with another tag you prefer, make sure this has been added to all the candidates who have the tag you are deleting from idibu.  How can I add a single tag to multiple candidates at once? LINK

3. When you are ready to delete the tag, simply type DELETE in the grey box as instructed, then click the red 'DELETE TAG' button.

How do I delete a tag if it isn't allocated to any candidate?

Sometimes, you might find a tag is no longer in use when you filter by that tag in the 'Candidates' tab. If so, your screen will look something like the example below where we have filtered using the 'Accounting' tag we created, but it's not allocated to any candidates. 

Let's say that we realise that this is serving the same purpose as the 'Accounts' tag we created, and we wanted to delete it. How do we do so?

The answer is very simple - 

1. Clear the tag filter on this page and click into any candidate record.

2. Add the tag to the candidate (see this article for more information on that process)

3. Then simply follow the same tag deletion process as outlined above.

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