Adding tags to a candidate

Candidate tagging is an extremely powerful method of managing your candidate pool. 

This simple process enables you to segment your candidates in any way you wish. 

When searching against a vacancy, it allows you to pinpoint the candidates you should be immediately contacting in a couple of clicks. When engaging with your candidates (be they active or passive) it gives you a simple way of segmenting your talent bank into talent pools which you can engage with directly or add to candidate lists.

In short, tagging allows you to search based on the data you just don't get from a CV alone.

In this article we're going to take a look at how you can add candidate tags.  You'll learn how to allocate existing tags, and how hew tags can be created.

Adding an existing tag to a candidate record

Any user inside the system can add and existing tag to a candidate record. 

There are two ways you can do this:

1. Click inside the tags bar.

2. Start typing the name of the tag you wish to add.  If the tag has already been created inside idibu, then it will appear underneath. Simply click the tag to add it to your candidate record.

3. Alternatively, sometimes a faster method is to click the drop down arrow on the right. A list of all your tags will appear and you can easily scroll through, ticking all the tags you wish to add. This is a great way to add multiple tags to a single candidate quickly.

Creating candidate tags

NB: Creating and deleting tags completely from the system is only available to administrators or users with the relevant permission. If you need to do this but can't, then speak to your internal account administrator. 

1. Candidate tags are always created from inside a candidate record. From any page inside your candidate record, click the 'add tags' bar. 

If tags are already listed on the candidate record, then click inside the bar to the right of the existing tags.

2. Start typing the name of the tag you wish to create. If no matching tag appears underneath then this means the tag does not currently exist. If you have the relevant permissions, then you can both create this tag and add it to your candidate by hitting enter.

TIP: If a similar tag appears when you type in the name, then take a moment to think whether the tag you were going to create is actually needed? Less is more with tagging; so maybe there's already a tag in use which serves the same need as the one you were going to create.

3. You have now created a brand new tag and allocated it to your candidate.

Editing a tag you have created or an existing tag

1. If you make a mistake or wish to edit the tag at a later date, then you can do so by clicking inside the text of the tag. This opens up the tag allowing you to edit the text. 

2. When you are happy with your edit, click the tick. You can also reverse this change by clicking the back arrow in the middle.

NB - being able to edit tags will again depend on your user permissions.

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