Creating talent pools and allocating candidates

There are a number of ways you can create talent pools and allocate candidates inside idibu.

This is invaluable in today's recruitment market. 

We recognise the importance of being able to segment your candidates by any criteria required to create meaningful talent pools; whether they be active, passive or somewhere in between. 

This is critical for ongoing candidate engagement and nurturing your candidate relationships.

Within idibu you have an extremely high level of ability to find, filter and segment your candidates into different talent pools.  In this article we'll take a look at how you can create and allocate candidates to talent pools.

Talent pooling

There are two ways in which you can create a new talent pool, or allocate candidates to an existing talent pool.

1. Through the 'Candidates' tab.

2. Through the  local search function.

Using the 'Candidates' tab (1) means you are starting from a point where you are accessing every single candidate in your idibu account. The difference between this and the local search method (2) is that with local search, your start point is the results of a boolean search so you are beginning with less candidates. 

Both methods have their advantages - it simply depends on your needs.

Importantly, once a talent pool is created you can continue to add candidates to that same pool using either method thereafter. 

Through the 'Candidates' tab

1. To access all of the candidates in your talent bank go to the 'candidates' tab. 

2. If your candidates are listed against a vacancy you've been working in recently, click 'Change view' then 'Show all candidates'.

3. Filter your candidates using the  'Filter candidates' feature, 'Filter by tag' or a combination of both

4. Whether using one or the other, or the two combined, you can also fine tune your results by clicking the grey 'tick' that appears to the right of specific candidates. The tick will turn blue to indicate the candidate has been selected.

Furthermore, you can even do this without using any other filtering if you see candidate(s) you want to select when you first open the 'candidates' tab.

5. Any of these functions or combinations immediately changes the options you see listed at in the top left of the page. Instead of seeing the blue 'view talent pools' button... now see the following:

6. If you want to allocate your candidates to an existing talent pool then where it says 'add to vacancy or talent pool', click 'talent pool'.

7. A drop down list will appear detailing all your talent pools. Click on the one you want and your candidate(s) will be instantly added.

8. If you want to create a brand new talent pool, click 'new talent pool'

9. Type your title in the box where it says 'Name your Talent pool, then click 'Create pool'. 

Your pool will be created and your candidates added at the same time.

TIP: As you probably gathered looking at the screen grabs above, you can also use these methods of candidate filtering to add your candidate results to a vacancy or add tags to multiple candidates.

Through the local search function

1. Run your local search as normal (based on whatever criteria you require) so the search results page appears:

How do I run a local search?

2. If required, filter your results by skill, tag or a combination as you normally would do when allocating candidates to a vacancy.

3. Select one or more of your candidates by clicking the grey tick in a circle. If you want to select all of the candidates you see on the page, select the tick at the top right of the page.

5. Notice that the same options appear as when you filter inside the 'candidates' tab.

6. Select your talent pool or create a new one exactly as you would do from the 'candidates' tab.

How do I access my talent pools?

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