How to completely disable the ATS system


The ATS system includes our applicant review processing features. Therefore, you should only ever disable the ATS system if you are automatically forwarding all of your applicants into your CRM
Otherwise, it's likely that you just need to disable some of the default statuses, and/or add your own custom statuses to the ATS. 

Disabling the ATS system

If you are an account administrator you can disable the ATS by following a few simple steps:

1. Click 'Settings' and then click 'General settings' from the drop down list

2. Click the 'ATS' tab.

3. Click the red button where is says 'Disable ATS completely'. (NB if the button is green, then the ATS is already disabled).

4. The button will turn green and the 'ATS status list' will disappear. The ATS system will now be no longer be visible or available inside the vacancy candidates tab.

5. Should you need to enable the ATS again in the future, simply click the same button changing it from green to red. 

Note that the default ATS status list will then re-appear below allowing you to switch on/off statuses as required.

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