How to completely disable the ATS system

Before we talk about how to do this, allow us to provide a little context as to when this is most likely to be applicable to your needs.

The ATS system is designed to provide a bespoke applicant and candidate processing system inside your idibu account. 

Some clients use this as a complete end to end system, from applicant to placement. Other clients choose to use part of the system, most often when using idibu's candidate acquisition tools in conjunction with their CRM. In this latter scenario, clients are able to disable default statuses and add custom statuses.

However, you might wish to completely disable the ATS system. This is very easy and straight forward, but we'd like to offer a word of caution; the only scenario where it is likely we would recommend doing this is if you are using our candidate handoff with your CRM, set so that every candidate and applicant is automatically forwarded into the CRM. Click this link for further detail regarding this scenario.

If you are not doing this and still wish to have a level of applicant/candidate reviewing and processing within idibu then we would strongly recommend tailoring the ATS by removing default statuses you do not require, and/or adding custom statuses.

Disabling the ATS system

If you are an account administrator you can disable the ATS by following a few simple steps:

1. Click 'Settings' and then click 'General settings' from the drop down list

2. Click the 'ATS' tab.

3. Click the red button where is says 'Disable ATS completely'. (NB if the button is green, then the ATS is already disabled).

4. The button will turn green and the 'ATS status list' will disappear. The ATS system will now be no longer be visible or available inside the vacancy candidates tab.

5. Should you need to enable the ATS again in the future, simply click the same button changing it from green to red. 

Note that the default ATS status list will then re-appear below allowing you to switch on/off statuses as required.

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