How to switch off the default statuses in your ATS

When your idibu account is first activated, there are a number of default statuses which we provide inside your ATS system. This is designed to save you time so that you don't have to create all your statuses from scratch. 

However, we also want you to have flexibility, so we have also provided the option to switch statuses off (as well as being able to create custom statuses). You can even switch the ATS off completely in certain circumstances.

It's important to mention that there are two statuses which cannot be switched off - 'New' and 'Keep on file'

The reasons are as follow:

'New' operates as a default status for a number of actions inside the system.

'Keep on file' is the status that stores the applicants you reject for a vacancy but wish to retain in your idibu talent bank. 

For more obvious reasons, you can't selectively disable the 'Applicant' status and traffic light system either. 

How to switch off the default statuses

Please note, only users with Administrator status can switch default statuses off or on: 

1. Click 'Settings' and then click 'General settings' from the drop down list

2. Click the 'ATS' tab.

3. The statuses you can choose to switch off/on are listed under 'ATS STATUS LIST'. 

i. If the button next to the status is green with the switch to the right, then the status is switched on.

ii. If the button is red with the switch to the left then the status is switched off. 

4. To switch off a status, click the green button.

5. If you have any candidates currently allocated to that status, a pop up message will alert you to this fact and prompt you to select the status you want to move the candidates to.  

You can also see how many candidates are currently held in that status at the top of the pop-up. 

IMPORTANT: This is a global setting so will move candidates against every vacancy and for every user. If you are unsure if you should do this, then seek internal advice from an appropriate colleague

6. When you have selected the status you wish to move the candidates to, click 'Disable status' to move to the next step.

7. A confirmation pop-up will now appear explaining that this action cannot be undone and that the action will be recorded in the system timeline and our logs. Please read this message carefully. If you are happy to accept responsibility, then type 'ACCEPT' in the box indicated and click the 'DISABLE STATUS'.

8. If you do not have any candidates currently allocated to the status you have selected, you will be taken straight to this latter step. 

The status selected and disabled will now be switched off and no longer appear in the ATS list against your vacancies. 

How do I now add custom statuses?

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