Using idibu webhooks with Zapier

Our webhook suite gives you incredible power for data connectivity, but if you don't have the technical resource to set up a data repository and configure what you need from scratch, then our Zapier integration could be just what you're looking for.

Zapier is an incredibly versatile product, providing an off the shelf solution for connecting different apps and systems, with 100s of products integrated. 

The idibu app we have built for Zapier allows you to draw on all of the power of our webhook suite, and push that data into another application of your choice. You do this by setting up Zaps. For example, if you are looking to create a completely bespoke report, you can set up a Zap that pushes selected data from idibu into a googlesheet you have created. 

Take a look at the Zapier website for more information, and for the latest information regarding their packages.

Getting started with Zapier

1. Click this link to activate the idibu app on either your existing Zapier account, or when creating your Zapier account.

2. Having signed in to your account, you may be taken straight into the Zap set up workflow with idibu pre-selected as the trigger. If so, go to step 3.

i. If not, then click 'Make a Zap' in the top right of the dashboard page.

ii. Select 'idibu' when prompted to choose a trigger app.

NB:  If you are returning to Zapier to create a new Zap and you have not done so for a while, then the idibu app may not be visible here. This is because the idibu app is by invitation only at the moment. To update the page with the idibu app again, click the invite link above and then refresh the page.

3. Name your Zap in the top left corner...

...then click 'Continue'.

4. You will be prompted to connect your idibu account.

Clicking this button will open the idibu login page. Sign in to your idibu account as normal.

5. Select the event you want to use as the trigger for your Zap. The full range of available options are provided in the drop down list. For example, if you wanted the creation of a candidate record to be the trigger, you would select 'Candidate record' from the drop down list.

6. You will now be prompted to create this event in your idibu account so that Zapier can grab this as a test sample. So if your trigger event is a candidate record as per the example above, then you simply need to create a candidate record in your account (this can be very basic, or done quickly by uploading a CV).

You will have 3 minutes to create this event after you have clicked the blue 'Pull in Samples' button.

7. You can now select the app in which you wish to utilise this idibu data, e.g. Googlesheet, trello, gmail, etc. The list of available apps is vast, providing you with an even wider array of options. Therefore the detail of the remaining steps will vary greatly depending on the app you have chosen and what you are looking to achieve. 

Further information regarding the options for your chosen app should be available from Zapier and or the provider of your chosen App.

However, we've prepared a separate article outlining how you would complete this process using Googlesheets.

Show me an example using Googlesheets

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