What is a webhook?

idibu V3 has a custom webhook suite, allowing you or your developers to do many cool things:

However, if you're not a techie, your immediate question is most likely - 'What the heck is a webhook?' 

So before getting into what you can do with idibu and webhooks, let's try to answer that question.

Webhooks defined

Wikipedia describes a webhook as "...a method of augmenting or altering the behaviour of a web page, or web application, with custom callbacks". 

I think that's a little bit overkill for our needs here, so maybe we should rephrase the original question to something like this instead: 

"What are webhooks in the context of idibu?" 

In the next paragraph of the wikipedia article it says "They are usually triggered by some event, such as pushing code to a repository", and this is much more on track with their usage in idibu.

For our needs, a webhook can simply be thought of as a set of data passed from idibu into another system, triggered by an event.

So for example, when a new applicant or candidate appears in idibu, you can set up a webhook push the profile page data securely into another system. You can then use selected bits of that data for, well in theory, anything you like. A good example would be a custom report composed of very specific data you want to capture, e.g. vacancy applied to, reference number, location and applicant source.

Keep in mind that when it comes to reporting, we already have an extensive range of downloadable reports - so these might be your best first port of call. Also, these reports can provide historical data immediately, whereas a report setup using webhooks will only provide data from that setup date onwards. 

However, the beauty of webhook data is that it really gives you carte blanche to capture whatever you require, and use it on a completely bespoke basis.

What can idibu's webhooks do for me? 

Bespoke reporting is simply one example. There are no limits to what you can do with the data once you've captured it, and the range of data available covers vacancy creation, advert posting, candidate records (created and updated) and searches. 

If you aren't from a technical background, and don't have access to any technical resource then don't despair. We have created an integration with Zapier so you can easily use our webhooks to create Zaps - data triggers that can be linked to 100s of other integrated apps.

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