Finding and adding free job boards

idibu has an extensive network of free job board integrations. In this article we'll show you how to find and review all available free boards, and add them to your account.

Where to find and review our free job boards

1. Visit our website,

2. Hover your mouse over 'Resources' in the top right...

...and click 'Job board network' in the panel that appears below.

3. Click on filter by category... 

...and select 'Free'.

4. You will then see all of our free boards listed, complete with short descriptions.

5. To review a job board in more detail, click on the name of the board - NB: right click, and open in a new tab if you plan to review several.

6. This will open a new page with further information including the website and any regional specific information we have available.

IMPORTANT: We list boards as Free based on this being the case at integration stage, and to the best of our knowledge thereafter. When new information comes to light regarding changes in pricing model, then we will update their classification accordingly. However, please note that job boards are under no obligation to inform us of such changes, so we thoroughly recommend reviewing the boards Ts & Cs before posting, and periodically thereafter.

Adding your selected free boards

Adding a free job board is exactly the same as adding a paid for board. The key difference will be the information that you add into the settings area. However, as with the paid for boards, the exact details can vary. 

Follow the steps in this article to find and add your chosen board(s) inside idibu. When you enter the board settings area, a pop up panel will provide further details regarding the set up of that particular board.

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