idibu local search and maximising your CRM talentpool

In the current climate, we’re working to provide you with hints and tips to maximise your efficiency, and squeeze all the value you can from your idibu account.

We produced a short video which outlines how you can use your local search feature to search the profiles of all previous applicants. 

I want to zero in here on a particular aspect of this video for all of you who are working with idibu inside your CRM.

In an ideal world, every recruiter would review every single applicant - but we don’t live in an ideal world. Recruitment is fast moving, and priorities shift and move accordingly. We’ve all been there when one vacancy closes, and you need to move quickly to the next one. Ideally you would continue to review and action all those outstanding applications, but sometimes it just isn’t possible. 

So how can we help you?

Firstly, our candidate engagement suite has a message parameter you can trigger when you  close the idibu vacancy to update all outstanding candidates. That’s every single one of them.

Secondly, for the roles you are still recruiting for, your first port of call will always be to search your CRM. But what about these applicants that didn’t make it to your CRM for the reasons discussed above?

Well, idibu has a local search feature which you may not have used or explored previously. A key and very simple tool you can exploit here is the filter option on the search results.

When the results of your search are returned, with a couple of clicks you can apply a filter to only show you applicants that have not been processed.

Therefore, not only are you maximising your CRM talent pool, but you’re also now maximising the pool of candidates who haven’t been added there yet.

You can review the how to use local search in full in this article. Also, feel free to contact your Account Manager for any further help or questions in getting the most from these tools.

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