Bullhorn CRM handoff re-connection

If you are an administrator of your idibu account, you may occasionally receive an email to say that the Bullhorn handoff requires re-connection. 

Why does this happen?

In the email we provide details as to what can cause this, but the short version is that sometimes the API experiences a disconnection which neither we or Bullhorn can control. We have an automated process in place for establishing the reconnection, but occasionally this doesn't succeed. It is only then that we will send you an email and ask you to reconnect the handoff.

Reconnecting the CRM handoff

1. Login to your idibu account and go to 'Settings' > 'CRM handoff'.

2. You will see a message advising you that the handoff has become disconnected, and a prompt to reconnect. Click on the reconnect prompt and you will be taken to the Bullhorn login screen:

3. Login to the Bullhorn account as normal, and you will be taken back to the handoff screen. You will see that the handoff is now reconnected again.

Common questions

Do I have to be the Administrator of our Bullhorn account to reconnect the handoff?

It doesn't matter if you are the main admin account holder for your Bullhorn account or not. However, there are some circumstances when we are not able to allocate the correct user name to the candidate record in Bullhorn when forwarded - for example, if the user who created the candidate is now inactive. In this situation, the name of the person who is signed in to the handoff will be used to create the record in Bullhorn.

I've tried to reconnect the handoff, but the Bullhorn log in button is greyed out?

This can happen when you are using a tool like LastPass or some other username and password autofill tool. Sometimes the login page does not immediately recognise that data has been populated into these fields when it is generated from our system. However, there is a simple remedy - just alter and correct one of the fields, or if using LastPass, remove and then repopulate the data. You should find that the login button then activates.

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