Release 3.3.3

Release date: 25.02.21

New feature - 'Favourite' search

If you tend to search for candidates based on the same sets of criteria, you can now create 'Favourite' searches . These can be set up and applied to local database searches, aggregated board searches or both. They can be as basic or detailed as you like, and you can same up to 10 favourite searches per user profile. Furthermore, you can either set them up in advance, or save them while running one of your usual searches.

Take a look at this article for full details.

Back end code updates

We've also being implemented a number of back end code updates, but as we're nice, we'd rather spare you the boring details. The headline point is that these updates are part of an ongoing project to continuously refine and improve our service infrastructure.


  • Salary override checkbox fixed so that it disables correctly if required when reposting.
  • Improvements made to the CRM handoff logic when forwarding all candidates automatically to Bullhorn.

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