How we populate the candidate data in Bullhorn

We're often asked how we populate the data in the candidate record in Bullhorn when they are forwarded from idibu. 

This is the same process, regardless of whether they are being forwarded to a vacancy or the candidate pool. It is also the same process whether we are creating a brand new record, or updating an existing one.

The data extracted from idibu is:

  • Candidate name.
  • Candidate email.
  • Source data.


With regard to the Source, we will populate the candidate record with the same creation source we have recorded in the candidate's idibu record. However, we will also list the application source against the candidate in the vacancy they have been forwarded against. So, if a candidate is added to multiple vacancies from multiple sources in idibu, these will be reflected against those vacancies. This article explains the process in more detail.

All of the remaining information populated in the record is extracted from the CV via the Bullhorn parser:

   - Address1
   - Address2
   - City
   - Zip (Postcode)
   - CountryID
Company Name

Primary Skills

Secondary Skills

The original CV will always be attached to the record as a file and can be seen in the preview window.

In addition, we can also forward the notes created in the idibu record into the Bullhorn record if this option has been selected in the CRM Handoff settings.

Candidate status allocation

  • Candidates forwarded to 'Online/web responses' are allocated the default status of 'New Lead'
  • Candidates forwarded to the 'Shortlist' are allocated the default status of 'Submitted'


The allocated statuses cannot be changed at present, but we may look to add this as a setting in the CRM handoff in future. (Please feed back to your idibu account manager if you feel this would be beneficial for your business.)

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