Release 3.5.0

Release date 23.09.21

Important updates for using idibu inside and outside your CRM

Firstly an important update for those of you that work with idibu inside your CRM, but also find it beneficial to also work directly in idibu in a separate tab. We have changed the way in which you access your idibu standalone account. The method used previously for you to sync idibu inside your CRM then open the full account without using logins was based upon the use of third party cookies. Unfortunately, Google Chrome is due to stop the use of third party cookies in the near future. While no specific date has been forthcoming, knowing many of you work in Chrome we have chosen to update our methods here well in advance to avoid any unexpected issues. 

What does this mean?

We have introduced an 'Open in standalone' button to the settings menu inside the idibu iframe. 

When clicked your full idibu user account will open in a new tab on your browser.

See this article for more details

Controlling access to idibu outside of your CRM

Secondly, some of our clients have been asking for a while for us to provide a higher level of control over user access to idibu outside of their CRM. Therefore, we took this opportunity to make open in standalone an optional feature

If you do not wish your users to access idibu outside of your CRM, then follow the steps outlined in this article.

New feature: Removing the candidate tab when working inside your CRM

Many of you work with idibu set up so that we forward all of your applications straight into your CRM system. This means that there is no need for applicants to be removed or accessed inside the idibu interface. 

Therefore, we have introduced a new setting which will allow you to remove the candidates tab from our CRM iframe.

See this article for more details

Analytics Dashboard: Group and Subgroup filter introduced

It was flagged to us that while in many areas of idibu you can filter by Group and Subgroup, you couldn't do this in the analytics dashboard. You could only select individual users, which was proving very challenging for those of you with large numbers of users spread across different teams.

Some small but significant changes to our 'Search' features:

The 'All' tab is now the 'All boards' tab

This tab aggregates all the results from your job boards into one list. So rather than have to click on each board one by one, you can work through all of your results ranked in one place. Calling it the 'All' tab made sense right? Well, not quite. It also sat next to the local search results tab, and the omnipotent implication of 'All' understandably confused many people into thinking that the local search results were also included. 

So in the cold light of day, realising this was a frequent source of confusion we changed the tab name to 'All boards'.

(...which does also include social sources. 'All boards and social sources' was just too long a label).

'Options' changed to 'Optimise'

Since we speeded up the board selection process to bypass the options area, we realised that 'options' seemed a little passive. Of course we want you to select the boards and get searching as fast as possible, but a few moments to check the options for each board - especially if you are unfamiliar with them - goes a long way to optimise your search results. Therefore, we've changed this label to 'Optimise'.

Improved add to vacancy and database icons

Since we're in a confessional frame of mind, we admit that having the same grey colour for these icons as the multi-select icon has caused some confusion at times. Especially as the add to vacancy and multi-select both use a tick.

Therefore, in keeping with the labels we introduced a few months ago [link] and our applicant traffic light system, we have updated these icons to match. 

  • Add to vacancy is now green.
  • Add to database is now amber.

Local search 'add to vacancy' button is now green (not red)

Red - danger! That's the general consensus. We cleaned up our icon set some time ago to change any red buttons that had positive actions to green. Somehow this one slipped through the net. 


...and now.

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