Release 3.5.1

Release date 13.10.21

Local search applicant filter now labelled more clearly

Did you know that you can filter your Local Search results to show only unread applicants? 
Well, you can! And this could be a valuable untapped resource of candidates for you... 
Here's where to look:

This is a feature that we've realised has slipped under the radar for many people. Part of that is our bad in terms of how we labelled the filter options. This is how the options in the drop down looked previously:

This is how they look now:

Here's a little more information about each option:

Unread applicants - these are candidates that are still listed against a vacancy as an applicant, and have not been actioned using the traffic light system. 

Actioned applicants - these are candidates that applied to at least one vacancy and have been actioned using the traffic light system (progressed or kept on file).

Everyone - this shows everyone in idibu who is a match for the search criteria including candidates added manually or via an external search.

We've created this article so you can bookmark it, and maximise the value of your unread applicants.

Add candidates to other idibu vacancies from inside your CRM

If you review an idibu candidate inside your CRM that you feel is not right for the vacancy they applied to, but could be perfect for another, you can now add them to that idibu vacancy. This was a feature that was available in standalone, but not in the CRM iframe.
Hover over the vacancy area in the candidate profile and the '+' or 'edit' button will appear. 


Click one of these options to open your idibu vacancies, and allocate the candidate to your desired vacancy using the search/scroll and tick box options on the left. 
When you are ready, click the green tick icon to complete the process.


'+' appears when the candidate is an unprocessed applicant, and 'edit' when they have been actioned in one or more vacancies.

Local and aggregated search character limit increased

We've increased the number of characters that can be entered into a boolean string for local and aggregated job board searching to 1000. 
Please note however, that some boards may not accept such high numbers and may return an error.

The candidate tab can now be disabled in idibu standalone 

There are some workflows where we've identified it would be beneficial for the candidate tab to be disabled. 
For example, if you are forwarding all of your candidates into your CRM automatically, but accessing idibu standalone as well to manage adverts. In this scenario, the candidate's tab being visible can cause confusion when there is no need to review or action candidates in idibu.
As part of the account set up, we are now able to disable this feature. 

Speak to your account manager if you think this would be beneficial for your setup. 

Improved logo upload and removal

As a company admin, you've always been able to add a company logo for use across the account, and replace it with another. However, you couldn't remove a logo completely without replacing it. 
We also displayed the idibu logo by default when no logo was added, which led to some confusion. 
This has now been updated so logos can be completely removed, and the workflow has been improved. 

Candidate name editing improved

When a candidate record was in edit mode, previously it was not obvious that a candidate name could be edited too. We've now introduced borders around the name fields so that they match the other editable fields in the candidate record.

Text colour consistent in edit mode

One of our eagle eyed developers (thanks Dmitriy), spotted that when candidate records were in edit mode, we were using a slightly different colour on the drop down and free text fields. These are now consistent.

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