Adding candidates to your vacancies

In this article we're going to take a look at the different ways you can add existing candidates to your vacancy, outside of running a local search

You can do so by:

  1. Adding specific candidates to the vacancy by name
  2. Adding a single candidate to multiple vacancies from their record
  3. Adding multiple selected candidates from the candidates tab
  4. Adding candidates from related roles

Following any of the above actions will add them straight into the vacancy's Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

Adding candidates to the vacancy by name

When you've added a new vacancy, some suitable candidates may immediately spring to mind. Follow these steps to find them and add them to your vacancy.

1. When you are inside the vacancy, from any tab you can click the 'add existing' button in the top right hand corner.

2. A free text pop up field will appear underneath labelled 'Add existing candidates to this vacancy...'

3. Simply start typing the candidate name and a list of matches will start to appear underneath. The more detail you type, the more accurate and shorter the list will be.  When you see the candidate you have in mind, just click on their name.

 4. Your candidate is immediately added to the vacancy and will appear inside the ATS with their status as 'Added'.


If your candidate has already been added to the vacancy, then they will remain in the ATS status they were previously allocated.

5. To take further action with this or other candidates, click 'View candidates' in the top right to access the ATS.

You can use this method to add as many candidates as you wish to your vacancy. 

Adding a single candidate to multiple vacancies from their record

Sometimes when you've engaged with a candidate, there will be more than one vacancy you think they could be a match for. In that scenario it's really easy to add them to multiple vacancies in a few clicks.

1. From the candidate's profile page, click the + button to the right of where is says vacancies. 

2. If the candidate is already added to one or more vacancies they will be listed here already. To add them to additional vacancies, hover over the vacancy title(s) and click the 'edit' button that appears.

3. A drop down list will appear of all your live vacancies. You can simply scroll through the list ticking any vacancies you wish to add them to. If you make a mistake and need to remove them from a vacancy, just click to untick the box next to that vacancy.

4. If you are working on a large number of vacancies, you can condense this list by starting to type in the titles of any vacancies you have in mind in the search box at the top of the drop down. When you've finished, click the green tick.

5. The candidate will be added to the ATS workstream of each vacancy selected. Their status in that workstream is displayed against the vacancy title in brackets e.g. 'New'. 

6. You can of course change these status's from inside the ATS, but you can also do that from the candidate profile page. Simply click the status against the vacancy in question, and select their new status from the drop down list that appears.

Adding multiple selected candidates from the candidates tab

Whether you are viewing all candidates or those against a particular vacancy (with ATS mode on or off) you can use the multi-select feature to add several candidates at once to a new or different vacancy.

In any of the above view filters or modes, to the right of your candidate you will see a grey tick in a circle 

This is the multi-select icon.

You will always see this against the candidate unless you are in a vacancy filtered view and the candidate is an un-processed applicant. Here's how that will look with ATS mode switched off...

...and here with ATS mode switched on.

1. To use the multi-select icon, simply click the icon so that it turns blue. You can do this with as many candidates as you wish.

2. All the options for your multi-select action will be displayed at the top of the page. Click 'add to vacancy' and a drop down list of your vacancies will appear.

3. If you need to condense the list to more relevant results, then start typing the vacancy title in the search box. Either from the original list or a condensed search list, tick the required vacancy(s) you want to add your candidates to.

4. The ATS status you will add your candidate to in these roles will either be the default status of 'Added' or the previous status selected the last time you added candidates in this way. To change the status, click where it is displayed in blue text next to 'Add to'.

5. When you are ready to add your candidates, click 'Select'.

You can use the same workflow as above in a slightly different way if you have the 'Related roles' widget activated on your vacancy overview page.

If you aren't familiar with this widget, in short it automatically finds similar roles you have worked on based on the vacancy title.  It also allows you to fine tune these results by editing the vacancy search criteria.

So, if you know that you sourced good candidates against one of these roles and they could be a good match for the vacancy you just added, you can access them through this widget.

To view the candidates, simply click the blue  '_ candidates' button to the right of the vacancy.

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