Setting up tags

Tagging vacancies and candidates is a quick and easy way to manage your roles and candidate pool. You can also tag candidate notes for easy filtering.

Tags are visible to anyone who is working on a resourcing project or with the same candidates, so it is a good practice to use them and a time saver so that your team doesn't double up on their efforts.

Hint: It is also worth noting that vacancy, candidate and note tags are separate from one another. In other words, adding a candidate tag doesn't make the same tag available in your list of vacancy tags.

Setting up tags - permissions

From inside the parent administrator account, you can specify whether all users can create and delete tags from your idibu account, or whether this can only be done by users you allocate admin status to. Our recommendation, particularly in larger businesses is to restrict these permissions to admins only. 

This is because tagging is most effective with a thought out structure that everyone understands when it comes to adding and using tags on records. If too many people can create tags, duplications occur and the power of your data filtering reduces. Similarly, if someone accidentally or deliberately deletes a tag without understanding the consequences, the result can be very negative as it cannot be reversed.  

To allocate the correct permissions

1. Click "Settings" then click on "System settings" from the drop down menu that appears.

2. You will see a series of options available. Where it says "Allow non-admin users to add new tags", you can click the button to left, to alter the permission. 

3. When red, this prevents non-admin users from creating tags. When green, any user can create or delete a tag.

Setting up tags - Candidate notes

As you can see above, you can also make tags a requirement for any new notes added by users. The benefits of this are that subsequently, notes can easily be filtered by an user thereafter using tag filtering.  Want to know more about adding and tagging notes?

Setting up tags - Candidates

To set up tags for your candidate records, there are a are a number of things to consider. Take a look at this detailed article on creating and adding candidate tags.

You will also find useful links to  tagging multiple candidates, removing candidate tags from candidate records and how to completely delete a candidate tag from your idibu account.

Setting up tags - Vacancies

1. Go to the 'Vacancies' tab and find a vacancy you don't mind adding multiple tags to in the short term. 

2. In the bottom right hand corner of the vacancy panel, you will see an option to 'Add tags'. Click here and a cursor will appear

3. Type the name of your tag then hit enter.  This will both save your new tag as an available option for your users to select, and will also allocate the tag to the vacancy.

4. To remove the tag from the vacancy, simply click the large X that appears on the right hand side of the tag.

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