Adding user groups and subgroups

Adding user groups is not only an excellent way to organise users, but it's also a great time saver when  creating new users.  If for example, a team is based in a particular office location, then adding a pre-existing group (and if required, sub-group) to a new user record means all the address and company details are automatically populated.

Adding a user group

You can add a new user group in just a few simple steps:

1. Click 'Settings' then 'Users & Permissions'

2. Click 'Add group'.  (Note that if you have groups already created, 'Add group' will always appear at the end of the list in the top bar.)

3. Name your group and complete the other required fields.

4. You can also allocate pre-defined permissions for any new user allocated to this Group when creating their record. To do this, just tick the permissions required in the panel on the right.

5. When you are ready, click 'Create group' in the top right hand corner, and your new Group will be saved.

Adding a subgroup

You can also very easily add subgroups within the groups created.

1. Click on the name of the Group you wish to add a Subgroup to.

2. In the panel on the right, you will see a Subgroup field. 

3. Type in the name of your Subgroup, then click 'Add subgroup'.

4. The subgroup will now appear within your Group.

Allocating users to your Groups and Subgroups

You can allocate users to your Groups and Subgroups either when the user is first created, or by editing the user profile at a later date.

1. Inside the user record you will see a 'Group' field under the user's email address. Click the arrow to the right of this field and a drop down list of all your Groups and Subgroups will appear in alphabetical order. 

Note that subgroups are listed underneath the main group title in the following format - 'Name of group' / 'Name of subgroup' e.g. 'Super Recruiters / recruitment'

3. Simply click on the required Group or Subgroup from the list to allocate your user.

Here we're allocating the user 'Clark Kent' to 'Metropolis Heroes', which is a Subgroup of the 'DC Recruiters' Group.

Note that previously added details will not be overwritten with existing users.  However, allocating a Group or Subgroup to a user during creation will populate the user record with address and other key information for that Group.

4. When you are ready, click 'Update user'.

5. Your user will now be listed under the allocated Group or Subgroup.

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