Adding users

If you are an idibu account administrator (or have the relevant user permission) you can add new users to your account in a few simple steps. 

If you are adding multiple users, or have quite a number of users on your account, it's worth considering adding user Groups and/or Subgroups if you haven't done so already. This can greatly simplify the management of your users, but will also speed up the process for completing the details of new user records.

Adding a new user

1. Click on 'Settings' and then 'Users and permissions'.

2. Click 'Add User' and a new user page will open.

3. Start by completing the Firstname, Lastname, Password and email fields. 

A note re email and usernames:

By default the email address will be used as the username. However, if an email address already exists on this account or another, then you will need to create a unique username. To do this:

i. Untick 'Use email as username'

ii. Input a unique username into the username field that appears below.

4. Note that if you have set up Groups (and/or Subgroups), allocating your user to one of these from the drop down field will automatically populate the rest of the user details, and the user permissions with those of that Group. 

5. If you are not working with Groups/Subgroups, complete the rest of the fields...

...and tick the user permissions you wish to allocate to the user in the panel on the right hand side, starting from 'Core permissions' at the top.

6. If you wish to grant the user full Administrator rights, then tick the box next to 'Make this user an administrator'.

(Note that if you do not wish to grant the user full administrator rights, you can still allocate selective admin permissions)

7. If you wish to send a secure email to the user containing their password and a link to the login page, then tick the box next to 'Select if you would like login details emailed to the user when you save settings'.

8. When you are ready, complete the process by clicking 'CREATE USER' in the top right of the page.

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