Connecting Twitter: During advert posting

Connecting Twitter during advert posting is the best method for connecting a user's own personal/professional Twitter account for posting. It can be a way to connect the company account too, but only if the user has access to the company account Twitter logins.

If you are an account administrator and wish to connect a company account for one or multiple users, then we would advise doing so in the job board settings area, as outlined in this article.

To connect Twitter during advert posting

1. Start posting your advert as normal.

2. On the posting destinations page select Twitter.

3. Where you usually see the required fields for a job board, you will see 'sign in' listed under Twitter.

4. Click 'Sign in' and a pop up window will appear prompting you to sign in to the account.

5. Having added the account sign in details, click 'Authorise app'

6. If you typed in the username of the account in the previous step, you may be asked to also verify the email address for the Twitter account. Type this in then click 'Submit'.

7. You will now see your account details have been connected and the account name will appear in the extra fields area.  

8. You can also click 'show non-required fields' to specify tags, and whether you wish to hide your contact details. The latter will be hidden in the the full advert details we provide as a URL link in the posted tweet.

9. Complete the posting process as normal.

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