What happens when a candidate applies through my application page?

There are a number of advantages to using our application page feature, but it's also really important to understand the candidate experience, and the options available for you to optimise this. The exact work flow will depend on how you have your application pages questions configured (particularly with regard to auto-reject questions) but in this article we'll talk you through the end to end process from an applicant point of view. 

Completing the application page

The first thing to remember when setting up your application pages is that you can create custom application page themes, based on your company or client branding. Therefore, your candidate's application experience can be optimised from the very start with options like the inclusion of video content, and even video questions. Here's an example of an idibu branded page:

Questions that you have set up as mandatory will appear with an asterisk (*), but this is not the same as a question which has an auto-rejection trigger. If you have configured a question to auto-reject the applicant based on a specific answer given, the candidate will be unaware of this as there will be no visible indicator of this on the page.

On completion of the application

When the candidate has completed their application, they will be taken to a new page with the following message displayed:

Note that at this stage they will be unaware of the outcome, even if they have been unsuccessful in moving to the next stage.

'Thank you!' and redirect

If you have added your own custom redirect URL to the landing page settings area, then the candidate will be directed here after 3 seconds. We display a countdown and link to make sure that the candidate can always access your custom page.

Email confirmation

If you have an 'application received' email set up in the candidate engagement area, then this will be triggered and sent when:

  1. No auto-rejection logic is present in the application page
  2. The candidate has not triggered auto-rejection via the answers provided

In both of these scenarios, the candidates record will appear under 'applicants' in your idibu vacancy ready for you to review and process as normal. 

What if the candidate is auto-rejected due to an answer they provided?

In this scenario, if you are using our candidate engagement tools, then the 'Application page rejection' message will be triggered if you have this activated on your account. We provide a standard template for this, but this can easily be edited to the bespoke needs of your business.

How auto-rejected candidates are stored in idibu

We handle auto-rejected candidates differently to those rejected using the red traffic light button. As per the email template above, the candidates details are retained and stored in idibu for future opportunities. However, we still keep them hidden from the main ATS listing of the vacancy they applied to. 

You can find a note of the candidate's name in the vacancy though:

1. Click on the 'rejected' button at the bottom of the ATS status list inside the vacancy.

2. Unlike the log for applicants who have been rejected and deleted using the red traffic light, we still display the names of the auto-rejected candidates.

3. If you need to access their full details in the event of any further queries, you can access their full record by switching off the ATS. 

These candidates will be fully searchable inside idibu, allowing you to engage with them with regard to future suitable opportunities.

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