Introducing the idibu mobile app

The idibu mobile app is focused on one thing, and one thing only: Fast and efficient sifting of applicants.

We understand that running a recruitment ‘desk’ no longer happens exclusively at the desk itself. It’s happening when you're on the move, when you’re between meetings and when you want to get a head start on the competition at either end of the working day.

Flexible working demands a flexible solution - and that’s what the idibu mobile app delivers. 

New applicants appear immediately, so you can review and action them wherever you are, and whenever you need to. Simply open the app, and all vacancies with new applicants are listed there for you - with no other distractions:

You can either dive straight in by sifting all applicants, or target the highest priority vacancies. The choice is yours.

You action each applicant using the same traffic light buttons you know and love, and your usual workflows will be triggered in exactly the same way as your desktop account - whether that’s an autoresponder emailed to the applicant, or forwarding them straight into your CRM.

So why wait? Download the idibu mobile app now!

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