How to sift applicants using the idibu mobile app

There are two approaches you can take when sifting applicants inside the idibu mobile app. You can either sift through all applicants from start to finish, or sift your applicants on a per vacancy basis.

Sifting your applicants

1. To get started either tap ‘All vacancies’ or a specific vacancy you want to sift.

2. The first applicant record will open on the profile page, displaying the key details from the desktop version, including social profiles and custom fields.

Note that while location is detailed near the top of the page, unlike the desktop version, contact details are featured at the bottom of the page. This is because the key information needed to review the candidate's suitability is given higher priority in the mobile app page.

3. You can also review the applicant’s original CV by tapping ‘view cv’.

(NB: Depending on your phone, you may find that word docs are easier to review in landscape mode)

4. To action the candidate, simply tap on the appropriate traffic light button, just as you would on our desktop version. If you have autoresponder messages configured on your account, then these will be triggered as normal once the action is completed.

5. If you make a mistake and hit the wrong traffic light button, you have a few seconds to tap ‘undo’ and reverse the action. Note that if you undo the previous action successfully, the autoresponder mail will not be triggered.

6. When you have processed all your applicants, the following screen will appear:

7. The app will refresh automatically when new applicants arrive, but you can manually refresh the page anytime by pulling down from the top of the applicants screen.

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