Access RCRM - Forwarding applicants to Access RCRM

There are two ways in which you can forward your idibu applicants on to your RDB system. You can either forward them...

  1. To the review list of the vacancy you are recruiting for.
  2. To your general RDB candidate pool.

Both of these workflows are triggered using our traffic light system. The traffic light system appears on any tab you view inside the applicant, and also against every applicant when listed in the idibu candidates tab. 

Forwarding an applicant to your vacancy review list

1. Having reviewed your applicant, you can progress them to the next stage of your process by clicking the green traffic light button. 

2. A drop down list will appear, allowing you to select the idibu ATS status you wish to allocate to the candidate. 

Re autoresponders: If you are using our autoresponder system, then the green responder message will be triggered as soon as you select any status from the drop down. (Clicking the green traffic light button in isolation though, will not trigger the responder). 

3. If you wish to forward your applicant to the RDB review list straight away, then select 'Shortlist'. This is the trigger status for forwarding your candidate.

4. As our ATS list is completely customisable, some clients will prescreen their candidates at this stage before forwarding them to RDB. You can therefore select another status from the list if you wish, before deciding whether to shortlist the candidate later. 

('New' is one of our default statuses, but your account can have as many custom statuses as you require).

If taking this approach, then you can select 'Shortlist' (or any other status) at by either: 

i. Clicking the status button underneath their name in the candidate list...

ii. ...or the status as listed against the vacancy in their profile page.

Forwarding an applicant to your Access applicant pool

1. If you don't wish to forward your applicant to the vacancy review list, but you wish to retain them in your general RDB candidate pool, then simply click the amber traffic light button.

2. This will forward the applicant to RDB, and allocate their idibu record to the 'Keep on file' status of the vacancy. 

Re autoresponders: The amber trigger works slightly differently to the green. In this case, the responder is triggered as soon as you click the amber traffic light (as this is a single click step, without a status needing to be selected).

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