Setting up your Bullhorn integration - Part 3: Salary values

In this article, we'll walk you through how to ensure you have all the required salary/pay unit values your users will want to map from their vacancies into idibu for advert posting.

How 'salary unit' values map to idibu

When your users create a Vacancy, they will need to apply a salary/pay unit, i.e. 'Per Hour', 'Per Annum' etc:

The relationship between the Bullhorn and idibu values

Bullhorn "Per Month" = idibu "per month"
Bullhorn "Per Day" = idibu "per day"
Bullhorn "Per Hour" = idibu "per hour"
Bullhorn "Per Annum" =idibu "per annum"
Bullhorn "Per Year" =idibu "per annum"
if Bullhorn "nothing equals" (i.e. blank) then default idibu "per annum"
Please note that any custom values added to your Bullhorn settings will need to match the above, following the steps outlined by Bullhorn.

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