Setting up your Bullhorn integration - Part 2: Setting up your idibu tab

Having created your bespoke URL as outlined in Setting up your Bullhorn integration - Part 1, you're now ready to set up your custom idibu tab inside Bullhorn, and complete your CRM handoff settings.

Setting up your idibu tab inside Bullhorn

In order to create your custom tab, you will need to access the 'View layout' area in your Bullhorn account settings. Accessing this area differs slightly depending on whether you are using Bullhorn S-Release, or Bullhorn Novo.

If you are using Bullhorn S-Release

i. From your Bullhorn menu, click 'Tools'.

ii. Select 'View layout'.

If you are using Bullhorn Novo

i. From your Bullhorn menu select 'Admin'.

ii. Select 'View layout'.

Creating your custom idibu tab

1. From the 'field map entity' select 'Vacancy' (this may also be labelled as 'Job', depending on your settings and preferences).

2. Now click on 'Custom tabs'

3. Click 'Add new'

4. The custom tab that you are about to create will appear inside your Bullhorn vacancies. You can choose any name you like for this tab, but 'idibu' is a popular choice with most of our clients. 

5. Tick the 'Enabled' box.

6. In the URL field, paste the bespoke URL you have created. 

7. Click 'Save'

8. Repeat this process for all the remaining 'Vacancy' types listed in the drop down list.

You can now check your salary unit values match what you need for advert posting, and set up your CRM handoff.

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