Setting up your Bullhorn integration - Part 2

Having created your bespoke URL as outlined in Setting up your Bullhorn integration - Part 1, you're now ready to set up your idibu tab inside Bullhorn, and complete your CRM handoff settings.

Setting up your idibu tab inside Bullhorn

1. From your Bullhorn menu, click 'Tools'.

2. Select 'View layout'.

3. From the 'field map entity' select 'Vacancy'

4. Now click on 'Custom tabs'

5. Click 'Add new'

6. The custom tab that you are about to create will appear inside your Bullhorn vacancies. You can choose any name you like for this tab, but 'idibu' is a popular choice with most of our clients. 

7. Tick the 'Enabled' box.

8. In the URL field, paste the bespoke URL you have created. 

9. Click 'Save'

10. Repeat this process for all the remaining 'Vacancy' types listed in the drop down list.

How 'salary unit' maps to idibu

When your users create a Vacancy, they will need to apply a salary/pay unit, i.e. 'Per Hour', 'Per Annum' etc:

We will map the value selected across to idibu as follows:

Bullhorn "Per Month" = idibu "per month"
Bullhorn "Per Day" = idibu "per day"
Bullhorn "Per Hour" = idibu "per hour"
Bullhorn "Per Annum" =idibu "per annum"
Bullhorn "Per Year" =idibu "per annum"
if Bullhorn "nothing equals" (i.e. blank) then default idibu "per annum"
Please note that any custom values added to your Bullhorn settings will need to match the above, following the steps outlined by Bullhorn.

Setting up your CRM Handoff

This is the final step in setting up your integration. The CRM Handoff is the tool we use to forward your applicants into Bullhorn, and it provides you with a few different workflow options to do this.

1. Inside your idibu account, go to 'Settings' and select 'CRM handoff' from the drop down list.

2. From the drop down list at the top of the page, select Bullhorn from the list of available CRMs.

3. The drop down list that appears below enables you to specific the correct data centre associated with your Bullhorn account. 

The 'info' button on the right provides a link with more information, but the easiest way to identify your data centre code is simply to check your Bullhorn URL when signed into your account.

3. Log into Bullhorn using your admin credentials where prompted below. Your account will then show as connected.

4. By default, we will forward all your applicants into the 'Online responses' section of your Bullhorn vacancy. This is the default recommended workflow. If you prefer to send applicants directly to 'Shortlist' then you can select this option as shown below:

5. You can now configure the handoff to your preferred workflow, by completing and saving the remaining settings.

Your Bullhorn integration will then be complete and ready to use!

If you get stuck or want to double check any of these steps, as ever, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our support team.

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