Bullhorn iframe integration set-up

First thing you will need to do is to login to your idibu account as admin. Done? Now, open this super-secret link:


You will see this screen:

Click "Create an application" and the following screen will appear:

Give your application a name, any link and click "Create an application". Ignore the next screen and go back to:


You will see the following:

You will need the the values for "Id" and "Secret". They will be different on your account! 

Half way there!

Now, go to your "Manage plugins & addons" and activate it for all users:

We're almost done on idibu's end! Now, before we complete this section, you'll need to prepare your idibu link to bullhorn. The generic link is:


the values for Id and Secret are obtainable from https://v3.idibu.com/c/developer (as in the example above)

So the link ready for integration should look something like that:


please mind that every Bullhorn user that will access idibu tab will be automatically created a corresponding user in idibu. If you are utilizing idibu's user groups feature , you can add /group/group_name/ to the link so that every user created by the integration will be automatically placed in the selected group, for example:


Uff, that's a lot of work isn't it? Don't worry, it will later be much easier and pleasure to work with!

All you need to do now is to take the link you just created and add it as custom tab to every vacancy entity. This can be done on Bullhorn's admin account. Be sure to check "enabled" for the added tabs! 

If you need any help or guidance with setting up your Bullhorn integration, then please don't hesitate to contact our support team.

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