Release 3.4.1

Release date 20.05.21

New feature: Introducing integrated email to aggregated search

If you are using both our integrated email and aggregated search features, you can now email candidates directly from the search results list. 

In doing so we will automatically download the candidate CV to your idibu candidate pool so that you can easily find them when they reply. Take a look at this article for full details.

New feature: Add aggregated search candidates straight to talent pools

When searching your job boards using aggregated search, you can now multi-select candidates from the search results list and add them straight to your talent pools.

New feature: Add multiple aggregated search candidates to your idibu database

You can use the idibu 'select all' and multi-select options to add multiple candidates found in your board searches straight to your idibu account, without the need to add them to a vacancy. 

The 'select all' button is now permanently visible

Sometimes it's the small things... 

Whether inside your vacancy, the candidates tab, local or aggregated search the 'select all on page' button is now permanently visible. Previously you had to select at least one candidate in order for this button to appear. (No... we're not sure what the rationale behind that idea was either.)

Last vacancy search criteria is now saved in the search page

Up until now, whenever the search page was accessed from a vacancy, we would only ever display the original data obtained from the vacancy details page. If you had performed a number of searches against the vacancy already, you would therefore need to access the latest search performed and click edit if you wanted to run that search again. 

We have now changed this so the criteria entered for the last search performed will now auto-populate when the search page is opened. This includes the job boards selected and any specific board criteria. 

Therefore, you will be able to run the same search a lot faster to view the latest candidates, make a lot less edits if you want to update the search criteria.

This is how opening the search page from my test vacancy looked pre-update:

...and this is how it looks now:


  • Fixed: View and edit buttons for historical searches accessed via the vacancy list now work correctly.
  • Fixed: Issue with ATS status deletion and candidate move is now resolved.
  • Fixed: Issue with search credentials saving correctly is now fixed. (group creds thing)
  • Fixed: Increased load speed on vacancy list drop down in the candidate and search tabs.

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