Emailing candidates directly from your job board search results

If you are using both our aggregated search and integrated email features, you can now email candidates directly from the search results page. In this article we will cover:

  1. Who is this feature suitable for?
  2. How to email candidates from the search results list
  3. What happens to the candidate CV?
  4. How to find the candidates you have emailed

Who is this feature suitable for?

This feature is beneficial if you want to contact candidates found in your search straight away while retaining them in idibu, without adding them to a vacancy. For example, perhaps you only want to add people to the vacancy once they reply with interest.


If you prefer all the candidates you contact to be added to a vacancy, then we recommend that you add them to the vacancy first, then email them from there.

How to email candidates from the search results list

1. Run your job board search as normal

2. Select the candidates you wish to email using the grey tick icons on the right hand side... 

...or If you prefer, you can select all the candidates on the page using the icon at the top of the list. When selected the icon will turn blue.

3. Click the email icon that appears.

4. The following warning message will appear at the top of your browser:


If you have already downloaded the candidate into idibu, then no additional credit will be used

5. Click 'OK' if you are happy to proceed

6. The integrated email interface will appear, and you can proceed to email the candidates just as you would inside a vacancy.

7. Click 'send email', and the email(s) will be queued and sent.

What happens to the candidate CV?

Because we need to download the candidate data and CV in order to access the email address, we automatically create a candidate record in idibu at the same time. This not only means that you can easily find their record when they reply, but the candidate will also appear in local searches in future, saving additional job board search credits.


As mentioned above, the candidate record will not be attached to the vacancy when using this workflow. If you want all candidates contacted to be added to the vacancy, it is best just to add them under your preferred status, then email them from that status inside the vacancy. 

How to find candidates you have emailed when they reply

When a candidate replies to your email, use the quick search field to find their record. The quickest method is to search for them by their email address.

If you wish, you can then add them to a vacancy using the '+' icon in the candidate profile page.

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