Release 3.4.2

Release date 27.05.21

New features for candidates viewed and added from board searches

We've introduced a new set of labels which we hope will greatly improve your experience when working with job board search results. What's more, we've also introduced the option to quickly access the idibu record of a candidate is already added from a search.

Instead of greying out the candidate name once viewed as we did previously, we've now introduced a much clearer viewed label. We also now trigger this when the candidate has been viewed in using the blue drop down arrow.

A new feature is the introduction of an 'Added' label when a candidate has been added to idibu - either to the candidate pool (amber)... 

...or to a vacancy (green)

What's really important to note here is that the amber 'added' label will also appear in your results when the candidate has been added via another user or search. Furthermore, you can click on the 'added' label to view the candidate record in idibu.

We've pulled this article together to walk you through all this in more detail. 

Improved source data for candidates added from job board searches

When a candidate is added to idibu from a job board search, we will now append '(Search)' to the job board source in the candidate record. 

If you are working with idibu inside your CRM, this means that this source data will also be passed into your CRM when the candidate is forwarded. This will therefore give you a much more accurate view of how your placed candidates have been sourced.

This article discusses candidate sources in more detail.


  • Label alignment on the candidate widget in the vacancy overview page
  • Error message layout

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