Adding candidate notes

You can easily retain emails in the notes & emails tab of your candidate records, using our integrated email tool or maildrop feature. If you have SMS messaging enabled as part of your package, then these messages will automatically record here too.

However, quite often you'll want to add a manual note to your candidate record so you have a complete picture as to the conversations that have taken place. 

Naturally, over time these notes can become extensive, so we've also added a note tagging feature which means you can quickly filter your notes by tag to pinpoint the note you need quickly and easily.

In this article we'll walk through:

  1. Adding candidate notes inside the candidate record
  2. Adding note tags
  3. Adding quick notes inside the candidates tab

Adding candidate notes inside the candidate record

There are a few ways you can do this inside idibu.

When you are inside a candidate record you can add a note directly inside the 'notes & emails' tab. Simply start typing the text of your note in the field at the top of the page, then click 'Add note' on the right.

Adding note tags

You can also add a tag to the note by typing in the name of your tag where it says 'Add tag in grey text underneath.

This will allow you to create a brand new tag if required and you have user permissions to do so. If you want to add an existing tag, the tag will appear underneath as soon as you start typing. Just click on the tag in question when it appears underneath.

You can also add existing tags using the 'select tag' button. This opens up a list of all your note tags and will allow you to tick one or multiple tags, adding them to the note instantly.

Adding quick notes inside the candidates tab

1. You can add a quick note to a candidate record directly from the candidates tab. When you hover over their record in the list, you can click the quick note icon which is also on the write hand side:

2. This opens the note editor where you can add the details of your note. When ready, click the green tick to save your note.

3. Once added, brief details of the last note will be displayed to the right of the candidate name.

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