Choosing how you send candidates from idibu into your CRM

There are two choices as to how candidate are forwarded from idibu into your CRM:

1. Automatically forwarding all candidates into your CRM

2. Selective forwarding

Want to know more about which method is best for your needs?

Setting your preferred method

When we have set up your idibu account and activated the integration with your CRM, we create a new area in your idibu Settings called 'CRM Handoff'.

To access this and choose your preferred method:

1. Log into your idibu administration account directly.

2. Click 'Settings' in the top right of the screen and select 'CRM handoff' from the drop down list.

3. Scroll down a little and you will see a number of options with tick boxes to the left hand side

4. If you want to automatically forward all candidates that land in idibu into your CRM without sifting, then select the tick box next to "Sync all new candidates in idibu into CRM always".


6. If you want to activate selective forwarding, then tick the box next to 'Only add candidates to CRM with this status' (If the box is ticked on 'Sync all new candidates in idibu into CRM always', then untick this).

7. Select the ATS status you wish to allocate as your 'trigger' to forward the candidate details into your CRM. Remember, these status's can be configured however you like so there's no need to just choose from the default list - see 'Editing and customising the ATS status list' in this article.


For more information on how your users will work with selective forwarding,  take a look at the latter half of this article.

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