Facebook: An introduction to setting up and posting

Facebook is shaped a little differently to Twitter and Linkedin when it comes to setting up and posting your adverts. For this reason, we've broken the different facets down into separate articles, which should hopefully be nice and easy to work with. 

Furthermore, we've done so in such a way that some are for the idibu account administrator who will be handling the set up, and the others are for the users who will be posting. This introduction is aimed at the former, and we have provided handy links for the user articles further down which you can distribute to your team when ready. 

There are two key points to mention right at the outset:

  1. You have different ways you can set up your company Facebook account for advert posting with idibu.
  2. Having done this, your users need to link their own accounts during the posting process in order to post to your company page(s).


The articles linked below outline the process using screengrabs from our idibu V3 system. If you are using idibu V2, or the screengrabs look unfamiliar, then follow the steps outlined in this article.

Account setup

The first two articles below are essential reading. We've marked these as 'Required' in brackets. They cover finding and adding your Facebook company page ID to your idibu account, and how to allocate the role and permission for specific users to post to your company page feed. If you run multiple company pages, then we explain how Facebook need you to update them in order for your idibu user(s) to post to them. (This is all dictated by Facebook, but we guide you through the essentials to get your users appropriately assigned.)

By default, adverts posted will appear on the company page feed. However, we do provide an optional job feed application you can post to instead if you prefer. This creates a jobs tab on your company Facebook page. We cover this in detail in article 3 below.

1. Finding and adding your Facebook page ID (Required)

2. Setting up users to post to company pages (Required)

3. Installing the idibu job feed application (Optional)

(If you get stuck or confused, then our support team are on hand to help advise you.)

Guides for users

Having set up your idibu and Facebook accounts to your preference, you can then forward the articles below to your users.

1. Connecting your account for advert posting

2. Adding an image to your advert posting

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