Using SMS to engage with your candidates in times of uncertainty

Sometimes, SMS can strike the right note better than an email or phone call. It's a great way to follow up, or act as a reminder - but it can also be a great way to engage with your candidates, especially in times of uncertainty. 

When your candidates are having to deal with a number of different issues in uncertain times, taking a phone call or paying full attention to a formal email might be low on the priority list - especially if you don't have an immediate and specific opportunity to discuss. An SMS message however, is easily read and easily replied to. It could be just to let them know they are on your radar and you're keeping them in mind, or even just to let them know you hope all is well with them and their family.

In uncertain times, SMS can help engage when other tools don't feel like they'll hit the mark.

About the idibu SMS service

The SMS service operates on a credit purchase basis. There is zero charge for activating the service on your account, and credit can be purchased directly in the system via credit card and our secure payment service. There is also zero additional charge for the number that will be allocated to your account.

Once credit has been purchased, the service is available for all users on the account, and messages can be sent to individual candidates from inside their record or in bulk via:

  • A specific vacancy status.
  • Manual selection from inside a vacancy or the candidates tab.
  • Direct to the members of a talent pool that has been created.

Tell me more about how I can send SMS messages.

Can a candidate reply to my message?

Yes! What's more, both the message you sent and the candidate's reply will be recorded in the candidate's notes.

How do I know when a candidate has replied?

When you activate SMS notifications on your account, you'll be notified by email when a candidate replies to a message you've sent.

Contact the Account Management Team if you would like to know more, or request the activation of SMS on your account. 

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