Release 3.3.2

Release date: 10.02.21

New duplicate application field 

Because idibu V3 only ever uses one candidate record, we’ve found that there can sometimes be some confusion regarding the application and vacancy stats. This happens when the data we show in the adverts area is cross referenced with the number of candidates in the vacancy. A key reason this can happen is because in the adverts we include duplicate applications made by the same candidate. This is so that the job board application data is recorded accurately. 

To help resolve any confusion here when cross checking these numbers, we have now added a duplicate application field to the vacancy. The number of duplicate applications made can be found underneath the rejected field on the right hand panel. 

Take a look at this article to learn more about duplicate applications and how this data is recorded. You will also find information about the other reasons why these figures will sometimes differ. 

Update to applicant notification emails

The notification emails we send every time a candidate applies now include the vacancy location. This should prove particularly useful when handling multiple roles with similar vacancy titles, in different locations:

Aggregated search - Improved display of candidate data 

We have changed the way in which we display the candidate data provided by the job board when you click on either the blue quick view button, or the candidate name. Since we introduced this feature, we used a process whereby we would take the data and reformat it with the original aim of making this easy to work with. It also meant we could highlight words used in the search string. 

However, having taken extensive feedback and reviewed this feature, we have now changed this method so that we simply provide the data directly from the board in an iframe. This means the data is far easier to review, and in many cases the formatting looks like the candidate’s original CV. It does also mean that we have removed the highlighters for the time being, but we believe the improvement in layout and readability is of greater benefit.

What you will notice straight away is that in the majority of cases, this data will now look exactly the same when you click the blue drop down arrow, or when you click the candidate’s name. 

For the time being we will retain these options as they are, because we understand different users will favour one option over the other.  


Please note that this update does not change how credits are used when taking either of these actions.

The same email can now be used to create more than one user profile

To date, idibu V3 has always restricted user creation to one single profile to one single email address. In other words, you couldn’t create more than one user profile with the same email. The use case and requirement for this has not been huge, but it has arisen from time to time. 

Now the same email can be used to create more than one user profile. In order to achieve this, we have introduced a username feature to user records. 

By default, when a user is created, the email address will be preselected as the ‘username’. However, in the event that the email has already been used, a username field will be revealed so a unique username can be created.

Furthermore, in the scenario where there may be two+ user profiles in a CRM and the same in idibu, the user will be able to select which idibu profile they wish to sync with their CRM user profile. This article explains that process in more detail.


  • Fixed: Search string layout bug on Bullhorn iframe now resolved.
  • Fixed: Bug with subgroups disappearing when all users within are deactivated is fixed
  • Fixed: Issue with previous and next buttons in search results intermittently stopping working is now fixed.

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