Release 3.3.4

Release date: 03.03.21

ATS status 'New' now changed to 'Added'

Following the notice sent on 23.02.21, we have now updated the default ATS status previously labelled 'New' to 'Added'. Here is a recap of some of the key information we provided in the notification email:

Originally, the ‘New’ status was the default applied when a candidate was manually uploaded into idibu against a vacancy, or when added from an external job board search. Later, when we introduced the option to add candidates to both the CRM and Vacancy with a single click of the green traffic light, we applied the ‘New’ status as the default as it was the only one that could not be switched off inside idibu. 
This latter scenario has never been ideal, and over time we have also observed some confusion over the difference between the ‘New’ status and the ‘Applicants’ status i.e. ‘who is newer?’.
Therefore, we decided to change the label of the ‘New’ status to ‘Added’ instead. We felt that this was a much better fit for a default status applied in all three of the scenarios described above.

However as mentioned in the previous notification, the ATS system is highly flexible and easily customisable to your own workflows. If as a business, you wish to continue working with a status labelled ‘New’, then this can very easily be created as a bespoke status on your account.

Clarifying what actions can use a search credit

This update is relevant for anyone using our aggregated search feature. To make it much easier to understand what actions could potentially use search credits, we've taken two actions:

  1. We've re-vamped our article explaining this area and credit usage
  2. Added a link to this article directly from the search area, so you can refer to it at anytime.

If you are using idibu as a standalone product, then just click this link in the search results area:

If you are using idibu inside your CRM, then just click this icon that appears when you access your search results.

Bullhorn Handoff - New option to store login credentials  

The CRM Handoff is the tool we use to forward candidates from idibu to Bullhorn. Therefore part of the set up requires that we connect your Bullhorn account with idibu. To date, the only option available was via OAuth which meant an account administrator needed to login to Bullhorn directly in the handoff settings area. The problem with this method is that from time to time the accounts can become disconnected. Sometimes this is temporary and we can re-establish the connection automatically. Other times, it requires accessing the settings and logging in again.

Therefore we have introduced an alternative method that provides a much more stable and secure connection. 

We've provided further details in this article

Fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed: 'Sort by' button disappearing from aggregated search results after viewing multiple candidates.
  • Improvement: Further updates to CV file handling by the idibu Application Page feature.

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