Release 3.4.0

Release date: 06.05.21

Filter your applicants to find the best matches - faster

We've made a number of significant improvements to the candidate filter tool, which up until now was ok, but not the standard we wanted. This has also enabled us to introduce boolean and radial searching inside your vacancies. Altogether, this is now a significantly more powerful and useful tool, and is now available inside your CRM.

Keyword/boolean filtering for applicants

Based on the feedback you provided to us in our recent survey, we've introduced keyword/boolean filtering to the candidate filter.

This means you can now filter your incoming applicants by the most relevant skills, to review and action the strongest candidates first

Full details can be found in this article.

Radial searching for applicants

Related to the above, we have also introduced radial searching so that you can quickly focus on reviewing the applicants who live close enough to your client.

Again, full details can be found here.

Candidate filter now available inside your CRM

Having updated and improved the candidate filter we've now introduced this to the CRM iframe.

Improved logic in the search fields and faster speed

Not only have we added the above new features, but we have also greatly improved the search speed and the logic when using the other filter fields. For example, partial values are now accepted when searching by name, email, phone number or address.

Take a look at this article for full details of the features available in the candidate filter.

The 'quick search' field is now... a quick search field

So for anyone looking for the perfect definition of irony, our 'quick search' field in the stand alone account had pretty much become it. As the V3 product has grown and the database expanded, the tools we had powering this field were struggling more and more. Having made several previous updates to try and address this issue, we concluded that the only way to truly fix this was the metaphorical equivalent of completely changing the car engine. 

In short, the work we did here was necessary not only for radically improving the speed of this field, but also to introduce the new applicant filtering tools, improve the current candidate filter, and run our local search on a much more powerful system. 

Take a look at this article for full details on how to use this feature

Local search - back end improvements

The same tools we have introduced to power the quick search field and candidate filter now also power our local search. This means local searches will run on a much more powerful platform.

Improved labelling of the search fields 

Sometimes it's the small things... the labelling of the local and aggregated search field has now changed from this... this.

We've also updated these labels on the vacancy details page for any of you that work with the standalone system, and like to save your search query there for repeat use.


You can still enter keywords separated by comma in these fields, however, we would always recommend using boolean

CRM help link now takes you straight to the most relevant articles

Clicking this from inside your CRM will now take you here.

Vacancy title now removed from the search field by default

Previously when a vacancy was created, if no search criteria was added into the vacancy details page then we would populate this with the vacancy title. This was intended to save some time in building the search query, but it often ends up being removed and replaced with a search string. We therefore no longer pre-populate the search field automatically with the vacancy title.

Sender selection during reposting now disabled

If you have permission to post as another user, you may have encountered some issues recently when trying to do this during a repost. This is due to the job boards requiring the same sender in order for the repost to be treated as such. We've now disabled the option to select a new user as the sender during reposting. However, as per the message we've provided there in the system, you can still use the 'post a new advert' to achieve this.

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