Bullhorn and your default candidate category

When we forward a candidate into Bullhorn, a default 'Category' is essential for Bullhorn to apply to the candidate record they create. To do this, Bullhorn takes the first category numerically listed in your account.

Here is a screengrab of this area in our test account, and you can see that the first numerical category is '2000006' labelled (somewhat randomly) as 'Category3':

Now, while you can't change which category Bullhorn selects by deafult, you can change the name of this category to indicate that the candidate has not yet been edited and had a more appropriate category assigned to them.

1. Go to 'Menu' > 'Admin' > 'Categories':

4044bb57ea05cd58de390b618545d27c.png2. In the categories area, if you click on 'Category #' it will order the categories numerically. You want to click this so that the lowest numerical category is listed at the top:

In our test account above, you can see 2000006 / Category3 was the lowest numerical category and the one Bullhorn were applying automatically.

3. Click on the blue name of the category. It will then open so that you can edit the name.

4. In our account, I changed the name to '_unclassified'. Edit the name to the one you prefer to apply to all incoming candidates, then click save.


5. Once back in the categories list,  click refresh for this update to show in the list.

6. Candidates we now forward from idibu into our Bullhorn test account have this category applied (note that in our account this field is labelled as 'discipline'):


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