Release 3.4.5

Release date 11.08.21

Introducing access to user and account settings inside your CRM

Yes, that's right. If you work with idibu inside your CRM, you will no longer need to login in to the standalone product to access your account settings!

We've moved the 'help' button and replaced it with this little icon:

Clicking here will give you access to your account settings, and other stuff we'll be putting here in the future. And never fear, the 'help' button is tucked down at the bottom of the drop down list.

Full details can be found in this article

Replacement of native browser alerts with in-app alerts

Due to some changes made by Google, browser alerts suddenly stopped working with our CRM iframe in Chrome. This meant that things like the confirmation of advert deletion and quick reposting no longer worked. We quickly fixed this with an in-app confirmation box instead. But then we thought, why not update this across the system, even if the confirmation action is not happening in the iframe? It would make everything look and feel more consistent. So that's what we've done.
Where you previously saw a message at the top of your browser like this... will now see a message in the middle of the page like this:

Allow the deletion of user profiles (in certain circumstances)

We've introduced this option primarily to solve an issue that has sometimes arisen where the wrong CRM user profile has been synced with idibu. If this occurs and no activity other than vacancy creation has taken place, you can now completely delete the user profile. 

Full details can be found in this article

Posting location options expanded

It was flagged to us that certain locations exceeded the limit of the location drop down list when posting. Rather than expand the list which would make it harder to work with, we introduced a coma separator to allow you to type the county/state/region of the location and refine the results. This article provides more detail.

Create end point for clients to be able to remove candidates automatically

Those of you who experience high volumes of candidate removal requests can now ask someone techy to securely set up a script and point it at your idibu account. This is more of a 'tech development' feature, so will require someone suitably experienced to put everything in place. Full details can be found in this article

Create the ability to obtain an access token from inside the developer area

This relates to the 'securely' bit of the last update mentioned above. A secure access token can now automatically be generated from inside the developer area. Full details are in the same article linked above.


Note that some of the fixes below have been released as hot fixes prior to this release.

  • Fixed: CV download links on CV preview tab.
  • Fixed: User number auto-refresh when user profiles are enabled/disabled.

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